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Go to as many classes as you want
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Go to as many classes as you want
12 Sessions $179
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The “FURY” Boot Camp?

The “FURY” is our version of boot camp with a twist. Our instructors are Personal Trainers…NOT just your typical aerobic instructors, so you will be pushed! You can approach the Fury as a boot camp or as a class, but either way, it’s just a lot of fun. For 60 minutes, compete against others (and any exercise buddies you convince to join you) while pushing your body to its limits. You’ll burn fat and build stamina and agility, with plyometric exercises, group competitions, cardio conditioning, obstacle courses and strength training all part of the workout. Not sure you’re up to speed? Don’t worry, these classes are designed with both beginners and advanced clients in mind, just be sure to let the instructor know if you’re new to exercise. You’ll find a 60-minute workout flies by when you’re really having fun doing it. Call us today to find out why “THE FURY” was voted top 5 best workouts in Phoenix!


YogaFuze is a “Fuzion” of over 10 styles of Yoga. Get lean, tone, and strong while you stay centered! Why settle for just one type of Yoga when a variety can be much more beneficial? Yoga Fuze starts when we have enough interested clients. Sign up for waiting list by emailing or calling us!

RoxStar Dance

Do you like ZUMBA?? If so you will love this class. RoxStar Dance takes all the FUN of Zumba and gives it a stylish twist. You will know what we are raving about when you finish this workout! RoxStar Dance starts when we have enough interested clients. Sign up for waiting list by emailing or calling us!

Ultimate Kickboxing

This FUN class is taught by the owner BRIAN PEITZ…with Brian’s background of 3 years in real boxing and 3 years in free-style kickboxing you will be sure to not only burn a ton of calories, but you will learn kickboxing the “proper” way….No more lame group fitness kickboxing classes where you learn how to pucnh the AIR…This class will teach you STYLE…FORM…and STAMINA while you are working on the bag or mits. This class currently runs by appointment so if interested please email or call us with your desired schedule and we will be putting the most “popular” times together. Clients will need to get their own boxing gloves which we can provide or help you find some cool and unique ones!

Fuzion Warrior

Warrior is designed to be a tough and rugged class…All the Fun and demanding things like flipping tires, heavy weights, and explosive movements will be involved in this “GUYS” workout. Designed for MEN to do all the things MEN like to do….Perfect for those that are getting ready for an obstacle course race like “Spartan, Tough Mudder, Warrior dash, etc” or just for those who like to DO WORK!! This class is taught by the owner BRIAN PEITZ and is held at the Arrowhead location on Tuesdays at 3:00pm and the Desert Ridge location on Thursdays at 3:00pm. This is a 1x/week class and is $75 per month no matter how many weeks are in that month. Only $125 per month if you want access to both days/both locations.

Fuzion Warrior (for her)…Coming Soon

Current making a waiting list for this class, please contact us if interested

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