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1st Place
1797 points
Elizabeth Vickroy
Prize: $250 cash


Before Fuzion Fitness, starting at 168 pounds, Elizabeth began her journey into physical fitness. With hard work and dedication, Elizabeth was able to slowly shed off body weight, body fat and build muscle. It wasn't until the eight week challenge, where Elizabeth pushed even harder and implemented Fuzion's healthy food lifestyle and learned the tools she needed to change her overall body composition to a new and fabulous 134 pounds! The Fuzion Fitness Eight Week Challenge changed her lifestyle and allowed her to lose the 17 pounds of fat and gain 6 pounds of muscle. Congratulations Elizabeth!

2nd Place
1789 points
Karen Morgan
Prize: professional teeth whitening system by Preventative Dentistry

3rd Place
1509 points
Beth Hoffman
Prize: 1 month unlimited tanning by Tan Factory

4th Place
1492 points
Lori Degaugh
Prize: "Rowdy" haircut by Rowdy Hair

5th Place
1339 points
Shannon DeGrado
Prize: manicure and pedicure by All About Nails

Great job to everyone who participated. I personally am proud to hear feedback that the food journaling helped changed peoples lives for the better with understanding the impact that proper nutrition and exercise can have on your results.

Special mentions on the fitness testing part of the challenge:

  • Stephanie Sparck with a 390% increase on pushups
  • Violet Shalomova with a 44% increase on situps
  • Karen Morgan with a 57% increase on flexability
  • Beth Hoffman with a 30% increase on endurance
  • Violet Shalmovoa with a 15% increase on speed

Congratulations to the 2009 Winners!

Fuzion Rezolution - 1st Place
Jeremy McCoy
Prize: weekend night stay at the Hip "W" Hotel in Scottsdale and a $100 gift card to the popular Sushi Roku restaurant, plus a Fuzion Shirt.


In 12 weeks:
  • lost 19 pounds of fat
  • lost 7% body fat
  • gained 3 pounds of muscle
  • lost 13 inches

Fuzion Rezolution - 2nd Place
Katie Waack
Prize: gift certificate for a 1 hour swedish massage at the classy "Copper Falls" spa in North Scottsdale and a Fuzion Shirt.


  • lost 9 pounds of fat
  • lost 15 pounds total weight
  • lost 12.5 inches

Fuzion Rezolution - 3rd Place
Megan McArdle


  • lost 8 pounds of fat
  • lost 8.5 inches

Fitness Test - 1st Place
Karen Morgan
Prize: $50 gift certificate to place of choice plus a Fuzion shirt.

  • pushups: 118%
  • situps: 108%
  • pullups: 121%
  • squats: 131%
  • shuttle run: 107%
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