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Amy Lund

How My Trainer Joined and Inspired Me on My Journey to a Healthier, Happier Life as I Recover from My Eating Disorder

There are those people in life that you will never forget, and my trainer is one of those. Regardless where my journey takes me, she'll always be a part of my life and truly does believe in me! Denise changed my life and I know she can do the same for many others.

My Story - I was never able to fully share my struggles until I began training with Denise Baker. My story involves the battle I endured resulting from an eating disorder that began in college. Recovering, I've been pursuing a road to health and wellness for several years now. My journey included numerous doctors, nutritionists, and plenty of trainers but no one has touched my life like Denise has through her unique holistic approach.

Many people think personal trainers are just about pushing you hard and giving you a great workout. My trainer broke that stereotype going far beyond my workouts. She consistently strived hard to lift my self confidence constantly reminding me of how I motivated her to do what she does. How ironic is that?

Denise focused on measurable results and custom tailoring a goal oriented program that addressed my special needs. Learning that I was doing 100% cardio like most eating disorder people, she immediately began discussing the benefits of resistance training. This was coupled with educating me on the importance of body composition versus the scale and extensive conversations over a balanced diet. I began to learn that despite all my efforts to get more lean, I was actually sabatoging my results by burning away all my muscle.

When my initial training produced dramatic results in just a few months then took a turn in the total opposite direction for seemingly no apparent reason, I learned of my trainer's sincere passion for her work and for me. She took it upon herself to seek out a nutritionist specializing in eating disorder patients and even accompanied me on my initial visits. I witnessed her commitment to being a part of my journey, desiring to educate herself and support me.

Ultimately, my nutritionist identified several medical issues including that I was gluten intolerant and had a hormone imbalance. Gluten stressed out my body and shut down my adrenal system which shut down my pituitary gland and hyptothalmus. In turn, my metabolism and hormone production shut down. I addressed these areas and It took 6 months for my body to normalize and now I have never felt so good in my life!

Milestone Moment - Here's what has happened as I now focus on body composition versus the scale and have addressed my underlying medical issues. Since March of 2007 when I started training with Denise, I have lost over 12% total body fat. Translated, I lost 16.8 pounds of body fat and gained 12 pounds of muscle! And I am ecstatic to be able to say the proof is in my pictures and the big smile you see on my face!

UNIQUE - Many of my previous trainers have given up on me! Despite every roadblock I've encountered, I know that thought never crossed Denise's mind. That is what makes her unique. I know she truly believes in ME!

My name is Jeremy McCoy, I'm 24 years old and I'm proud to say that I am Fuzion Fitness' "Biggest Loser"! This title was given to me early on by my personal trainer, Denise Baker who set the bar high, relentlessly reminding me that I would be Fuzion's next success story... Well I am the success story and Fuzion's Biggest Loser Challenge winner!!!!

Based on not getting the results I wanted on my own and also having self esteem issues over my body, I made the decision to hire a personal trainer. My goal was to reduce my body fat and bulkiness so I could again feel comfortable taking my shirt of at the pool.

In late December of last year, I began training three days a week at Fuzion with Denise. Typical training involved high intensity interval cardio training (HIIT) in combination with weight training, plyometrics, and endurance work. In addition, I trained on my own three days per week.

While at Fuzion, I soon learned exercise alone was not the total answer to reaching my goal. I was given comprehensive instruction on nutrition with a custom meal plan and was reminded that proper nutrition that develops into a lifestyle would be an integral part of staying healthy, reaching and maintaining my goals.

Denise's commitment to my success included preparing a days worth of food for me to take to work so I could see what a typical day of eating healthy would look like. As a Sales Professional, I spend a lot of time in my car and found that it was essential to see that I could still eat well if I planned ahead.

MILESTONE MOMENT... I have lost a total of 19 pounds of pure fat and nearly 7% body fat. I competed in the Fuzion Fitness Challenge and scored over 100% in nearly every category. I have been to the pool for the first time in years and was comfortable taking my shirt off and continue to grow more confident every day!

Finally, I would I would recommend Fuzion and Denise to any person that is trying to achieve similar goals as me! She is truly a motivator. The text messages checking on your progress and the research that she finds that supports some of the things she has you do really help to bring everything together. Every time you come in to do a workout it is something new and different. Not only will Denise tell you what to do but often she ends up doing it along with you!

My name is Katie Waack and this is my Fuzion Fitness Success Story. After months of telling myself I was going to start working out again, I realized I needed the accountability of having a trainer because I was simply making up excuses all of the time about how I was going to work out tomorrow.

When I made the decision to hire a personal trainer, I was frustrated, embarrassed and overall unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. When I began with Fuzion three months ago, I set a goal of losing 30 pounds, with the Fitness Challenge and do regular push ups (not the girl ones).

My trainer Natasha trains me 3 times each week for an hour. I love that our focus is on strength training with pilates and yoga influences. I am now motivated to also take dance, aerobic, spin and other group classes on my own three days a week when I am not at Fuzion.

MILESTONE MOMENT: I am now half way to reaching my weight loss goal, losing 15 pounds and feel that this experience is great as it is actually changing my lifestyle leading to my long-term success. Seeing the progress has been very rewarding! I know everyone says this but I truly do have more energy, better sleep patterns and am more productive in both my work and personal life. I love that I am motivated and look forward to doing activities on the weekend - in the past, I would want to sit on the couch all weekend because I was always tired.

Working out is a permanent part of my life now. I attribute this to the variety of activities Natasha has me do from Turbo Kick to yoga to strength training always keeping me motivated and interested. The trainer's creativity with fun workouts and core exercises sets Fuzion apart from other gyms.

I would recommend Fuzion and Natasha to anyone looking for a custom workout plan, with a motivating trainer in an intimate setting that isn't overwhelming.

My name is Dennis Smith, I'm 48 years old and I'm compelled to share with you the best health decision I have ever made and how it has changed my life and could change yours.

Three months ago I hired Denise Baker, personal trainer and life coach of Fusion Fitness after deciding I needed a jump start to reach my fitness goals. Seeking help was something I never thought I'd do as I've always been health conscience and athletic. My motto was "I can do this on my own." But... The reality was I had gained over 50 pounds, was feeling sluggish and a bit self-conscience. At the end of the day, I was simply annoyed at myself for letting myself get so out of shape.

I'm 5 ft. 9 inches and weighed 238 pounds when I began training. Denise and I set my first goal of losing 30 pounds as part of becoming more fit and healthier. We met on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and from the start we set goals that with her support, enthusiasm and knowledge I've consistently attained. Goals I thought were unattainable; Iíve reached... Which has given me the confidence to set higher ones.

I consistently looked forward to my workouts, knowing that at every workout there would be new challenges and fresh ideas I'd never seen which kept me interested and ready for more! The constant encouragement and expertise I gleaned from training with Denise was invaluable and served as inspiration ultimately leading to my personal success story.

MILESTONE MOMENT... In only three months I have lost 38 pounds actually exceeding my original goal! The impact of this has had so many benefits on so many levels. I now have much more energy, new confidence in my body, greater flexibility, better posture and core strength. The way I see myself through others eyes has greatly improved and my wife looks at me with a sly grin again!

So if you are finding yourself in a similar circumstance as I was just 3 short months ago, I can tell you this... Unquestionably, the investment of personal training, with a highly motivating fitness expert has proven to be the best health decision I could have made!

My name is Cheryl Queneville, I'm 44 years old, a busy mom for three and used to putting everyone's needs before mine. Does this sound familiar to any of you at all? Well I encourage you to read on...

I want to share with you how Fuzion Fitness has truly given me my life back. Six years ago, at the age of 38 years I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and told to stop all exercising (bad advice). A year ago, I also injured my shoulder causing me to live in a chronic state of pain.

After weighing out the costs for a physical therapist to address these health conditions, I made the choice to focus on my entire body by hiring a personal trainer. I was looking for someone who could not only help with some basic rehabilitation but also motivate and challenge me to reach all my health and fitness goals.

After retaining Brian Peitz, owner of Fuzion Fitness last March, he customized a program for me that constantly changed up my workouts. His workouts were always fun and never boring because I don't think I ever did the same thing twice! I never plateaued because we constantly modified my weights, set goals for beating my times, and increased the length of my sets. I always felt significantly more energized throughout the day after a strength training session with Brian.


I have now dropped 4 dress sizes! I started off at a size 14 and I am on my way to a size 8!!!!! I am now pain free and have complete flexibility and movement in my shoulder. Before Fuzion, physically and mentally I was always tired and felt like a "blob" because nothing fit. Through Brian's coaching, I am on the life long road of fitness and good health. The two hours a week at Fuzion were my salvation and taught me the importance of taking care of myself first so I could better take care of my family.

Brian had relentless confidence and belief in me to do whatever task was before me. Today, I feel great and lead by example. My family eats better and we all exercise more. Everyone has lost weight and engages daily in more activity. I have lots more time for my family and am not the first to bed every night. Words can't express how different my life is today. I have learned that fitness should be a fun, life long pursuit and every time I reach one goal, I will set another. Thank you so much Brian!

Fuzion Fitness is incredible. The amazing trainers teach, encourage and motivate me to succeed. I stopped actively working out after I got married and had two little ones to chase. I had to squeeze into my jeans and was sluggish in the afternoons. I knew that wasn't me and something had to change. Then I started doing the bootcamps at Fuzion--not only are they unique, creative and challenging (for all levels), they provide an opportunity for me to challenge myself. In February I signed up for the Fitness Challenge. I was hoping it would motivate me to push harder and to watch what I ate. It has only been one month into the contest and I have lost inches, gained strength, am eating healthier and best of all I can fit into ALL of my jeans!!! Thank you Fuzion! I highly recommend and encourage anyone to do their Training Sessions and Bootcamps. They are worth every penny!!!

- Shannon DeGrado

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Fuzion has changed my life. Yes, I know, how can a gym change your life. Well I am going to tell you! Two months ago I joined Fuzion to lose weight. When I arrived I was only looking at the person in the mirror and nothing else. Chelsea Peitz, my trainer, helped me see what food and exercise could do to me inside and out. She helped me find a doctor who ultimately helped me identify 10 food allergies and I have never felt so healthy in my life! Not only do I get the most amazing workout at Fuzion (not to mention the 8 inches and 10 pounds I have lost), Chelsea also taught me how to properly challenge my body when I workout alone and eat the right foods for my body. She and Brian have helped me realize the sky is the limit and I can be up in the clouds loving life!

- Molly Cushing, reformed crash dieter and hopeless exerciser.

I recently had a baby eight months ago. After four months the baby weight was not coming off. I decided to give Fuzion Fitness a try to help me lose the baby weight and get back on track. I'm sure glad I did! Chelsea and Denise are exceptional trainers! They not only make the work outs fun but I started seeing results within my first few weeks of training. The atmosphere is great and I wouldn't think of training anywhere else. I'm so happy I found Fuzion Fitness to help me achieve my fitness goals!!

- Kara Goldman

Jane Evans

Are you thinking right for weight loss?

Everyone knows you can lose weight if you consume fewer calories than you need. But if it were that simple, women, like myself, who have had children and who may now be entering menopause would not struggle so much with maintaining a sleek, firm body. The challenge with weight loss rests in our heads and not in our bodies.

To succeed, we need to get our heads working for us and not against us. That is what Fuzion Fitness did for me. My trainer patiently encouraged me to create a concrete, daily plan for losing not only weight, but for creating a permanent change in my eating and exercise habits. I was able to set realistic target goals where I could succeed and not become discouraged. I was held accountable, but always in an uplifting way, that enabled me to believe I could achieve my goal and not revert to old habits. Since beginning my training sessions in March, I have lost 17 pounds and reduced my body fat by 10 percent. Not bad for someone who really did not enjoy working out. I now love it, and miss it when Iím unable to train. Be a friend to yourself. Even though economic times are tough (and I know being a single Mom of two young boys), this is one of the most successful and long-lasting investments you can make in yourself.

My name is Lois and I have been working with personal trainers for years. Over the last 17 years I have been struggling with my physical fitness level and weight due to extensive use of steroids to aid with my severe asthma. While my asthma has been under control for four years and I've increased my activity tremendously, I could not reduce my weight. My previous fitness studio helped with my stress levels; however, I was still unable to reduce my weight. I had given up on that goal and strove just for fitness improvement.

Once I started training at Fuzion Fitness everything changed drastically! In the last 6 months with Fuzion I have reduced my weight by a total of 41 pounds (2 sizes in clothes!!). I am so excited to be a client at Fuzion Fitness because it has given me new hope and the results are so much better than those other places. Dominick and the team at Fuzion Fitness has improved my fitness levels so much that I am not only doing my one-on-one personal training, I have also added their "FURY" boot camp as well. Summer is right around the corner.

Thanks Fuzion!

- Lois

I would like to thank you and Chelsea for all of time and dedication on helping me get back into shape. I mean really, I got on the scale today after our workout and wow lost another 10 pounds. I Started at 242 pounds and now down to 216 of solid muscles. Not only do I feel better, I am probably in the best shape of my life at 45.

Every one of our training session not only push me physically but mentally as well. You workouts are always challenging. The education and diet has help me realize what I can do outside of the gym to help me stay in top shape. I am looking forward to the next level and if I know you can help me achieve my goal of being below 200.

- Mike Rodes

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