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Brian Peitz
Brian Peitz
Chelsea Peitz
Chelsea Peitz
Steve Bruscke
Steve Bruscke
Denise Baker
Denise Baker
Dominick Chavez
Natasha Lincis
Brian Peitz

Brian Peitz

Brian Peitz will be acting owner/operator of Fuzion Fitness. Brian has been linked to the fitness industry for the past 12 years and is well versed in every aspect of fitness, nutrition, gym sales, marketing and management. After completing a Business Finance degree, Brian began his journey in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and membership sales advisor with Pure Fitness in Scottsdale, Arizona. There he worked his way up from personal training and membership sales to the Weekend Sales Manager and finally the Sales Manager for one of their most high volume clubs.

After winning many sales and customer service awards as well as breaking company membership and personal training sales records, Brian was recruited to help in a project of opening a chain of fitness centers in Portland, Oregon, named "Body Transformation Centers." Using Brian's knowledge of the fitness industry, he was able to train and develop a staff of 30 employees and run the entire business from the grand opening making "Body Transformation Center's" profitable within 3 months.

Today, Brian has 6 years in total management experience and has stayed in tune with the fitness industry constantly researching new breakthroughs in training and nutrition and is a certified personal trainer. Brian's #1 goal is create a place where his clients feel a sense of camaraderie and are energized and happy with their lifestyle every day they conclude their workout.

Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea Peitz started out as a personal trainer while attending ASU and soon became a COO and CFO of dual fitness companies in Arizona and Oregon. During this time, she learned virtually every aspect of running a successful fitness company and the importance of high level customer service. Not only was it a great business opportunity, but also a great place to meet her future husband!

Chelsea's passion for fitness grew and she began training to compete in the NPC Figure/Fitness competitions. After participating in two local shows, Chelsea became a title holder in 2004. Keeping up with her love of new challenges, Chelsea and Brian trained for the PF Chang's half marathon and now love to box!

Because of Chelsea's own battle with food allergies and Celiac's disease, her interest in educating others about the importance of organic nutrition and health has propelled her desire to create a place where everyone can get fit and healthy! With over 11 years in the fitness industry, Chelsea's #1 goal is to create a community of clients and team-members within a healthy setting where everyone's needs are met.

Steve Bruscke

Steve Bruscke


  • Business Degree University of Akron
  • Masters Degree University of Phoenix


  • Personnel Trainer ISSA
  • Personnel Trainer Glendale Community College
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Specialist in Performance Nutrition ISSA


  • 4.5 Years Personal Trainer
  • 3 Marathons
  • 10 Half Marathons
  • 100 10k Runs
  • 10 Biathlons
  • 10 Triathlons

Denise Baker

Denise Baker

Denise has had an incredible passion for fitness as long as she can remember. Athletics have always been a natural love throughout junior high and high school as she participated in track, swim, tennis, racquetball and cheer. Joining corporate America after college, she embarked on a successful career in the health care industry as a strategic account executive for over 15 years partnering with large employer groups providing corporate decision makers with employee benefit consultation. During this time, her love of fitness evolved in her personal endeavors and her own training eventually lead to competitive fitness competitions where she fared remarkably well.

After leaving corporate America in 2006 to focus on her family, she was approached by many individuals to share her passion for fitness pointing her to what she now believes to be part of her life's purpose. Denise recognized she held an undiscovered passion for motivating and empowering others to achieve their personal best that brought gratification unlike anything she had ever experienced

Denise is a die-hard believer that nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand, in individual education and measurable results. She touts evidenced-based training and nutrition principals versus marketing hype and "getting or rather giving you what you pay for and more." She's consistently there to see that you have fun while motivating you beyond measure to meet your personal goals and ensuring you're totally comfortable regardless of your fitness level.

Denise's accolades include the following:

  • Featured in Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine article November 2004
  • Featured in Oxygen Magazine article March 2004
  • NPC March 2003 1st Place Masters Figure
  • NPC March 2003 2nd Place Figure
  • Many client testimonial success stories (all references available upon request)
  • Development of programs for corporations and small employer groups to assist employees in developing healthier lifestyles to manage health care expenses

Her experience is extremely varied and below are examples of her background and diversity:

  • Runs the "Fury Boot Camp" with Brian Peitz, owner of Fuzion Fitness
  • Runs small classes for intermediate to advanced fitness individuals looking to move to the next level
  • Competitive fitness training (bodybuilding, fitness, figure)
  • Competitive posing coach
  • Eating disorder clients
  • Clients in need of significant weight loss
  • Kick start and motivational fitness for clients who have never worked out
  • Individual life coaching to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives through the art of facilitating their performance, learning and development

Natasha Lincis

Natasha Lincis

Natasha began dancing at age 5 and was soon performing in competitions throughout the United States. She has won many awards in performance and choreography. Continuing her love of dance in college, she was required to take Pilates as part of the dance program. She quickly saw the amazing results of Pilates in her dancing, strength and flexibility.

Wanting to pass along the knowledge and body awareness of Pilates to others, she was certified in Mat and Equipment Pilates through the PhysicalMind Institute. After seeing the life changing results in her clients she knew that helping others through fitness was her passion. Natasha was then certified as a Personal Trainer through AFAA.

Along with working one on one with clients to reach their specific fitness goals, she teaches a wide variety of Group Fitness classes, including: Mat Pilates, TurboKick, Zumba, Adult Dance, Body Sculpt and Aqua. Natasha continues to stay on the cutting edge of the fitness industry while expand her knowledge through new certifications and workshops. Next up... Yoga!

Andrew Picard

Andrew Picard

I started my fitness career down a different road then most. At the age of 21 just after playing my last down of college football, I realized I had been carrying too much excess weight from my football days and needed a change. My starting weight at 265 pounds brought on a lot of insecurities, that needed to change to feel better about myself. Changing my diet as well as the way trained were just the first steps towards my transformation. I needed to change everything surrounding my life, even outside of home and the gym from the people that I hung out with to the places I went to enjoy my free time. After losing over 80 pounds I decided two things: one, I need to take a photo shoot because I never know when I'll ever look like this again. Two, I knew I could help others with the same problems that I had with stubborn weight loss, so at the age of 22, I started work at the same local gym that I had put so much time in to reach to my goal weight. With the knowledge that I had obtained, not only from all the coaches and trainers that I have had in my life but also the personal struggles I had gone through to reach my goal, I knew there were people that I could help.

Along with working one on one with clients, I also started training youth sport specific training. Growing up in Rhode Island as well as Arizona, I have gotten the chance to compete in many different sports, so that gave me an edge on how to train sport specific athletes because I had trained and played so many sports in my past. In Arizona, I had the chance to work with the U91-92 and the U94-95 Junior Coyotes youth hockey teams based out of Scottsdale as their dry-land strength coach. After moving to Colorado, I became the strength coach for Mountain Range High School's football team, as well as the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach. I also worked with Colorado's own Performance Ready, fitness, figure, and bikini team, training competitors for upcoming competitions. Currently, I'm working with the Arizona Diamond Doggs youth baseball as a conditioning and strength coach as well as a Fuzion Fitness Trainer.

Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith is a Certified Fitness Trainer for whom athletics has been a lifelong passion. Following in the footsteps of her father, she excelled in track and cross country from a young age in competitions throughout Nebraska. After starting her family, she began her career running the administrative aspects of physician offices in Nebraska and Arizona.

Following her arrival to Arizona, she rediscovered her passion for fitness and the outdoors. Incorporating state-of-the-art nutrition and exercise strategies, she lost 30 pounds, increased her strength and improved her general health and well being. Shannon enjoys sharing these sound philosophies with her clients to allow them to achieve their personal goals.

Shannon specializes in general fitness and her fitness programs include circuit training, cross and interval training, weight and resistance training, cardiovascular/aerobic training, kickboxing as well as TRX suspension training.

Shannon is certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). When not assisting clients she can be found competing in 10K races, sprint triathlons and hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim.

Through her safe, effective and productive exercise programs, she can help you create a healthy, strong, highly functional body that will look great and perform at peak demands. Shannon believes that anyone at any fitness level can and should make exercise part of their daily life!

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